June 12, 2018

"DAMAGE brings pain, fear, sadness & at last victory. After experiencing such abuse for less than an hour, I find I look at people differently. I wonder how their experiences have affected them. I wonder how I can communicate with them without causing more pain. It's a byproduct of pseudo-shared experience called empathy. Open your heart, break it then watch it rise from the ashes." - Attendee


DAMAGE tells five true stories addressing different aspects of domestic abuse. The script is devised from interviews with survivors of "damage." DAMAGE was produced by the Cincinnati Fringe Festival and performed at the Art Academy of Cincinnati between May 31 and June 10, 2018. Written by Mandie Reiber. directed by Carrington Rowe, and choreographed by the cast. "People Leave Marks" poem written by Aiden Sims.





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