August 22, 2015

"A Duet with My Demon" is the first chunk of choreography developed specifically for the T[HERE] project's first production, expected to take place in April 2016. This contemporary dance piece is designed to address the shadow that lives inside all of us - the demon that promises love, attention, release, fame, or money if we submit to its will. This typically involves lowering our standards, partaking in behavior that we know, somewhere inside us, isn't right. This dance was heavily inspired by the passage in the Bible where Jesus is alone in the desert and the devil comes to tempt him. The devil promises food, safety, and power. Jesus rebukes him, although the temptation to surrender must have been nearly insurmountable.


We have all walked in the wilderness. We have all been tempted. Not many of us manage to stand firm under the gravity of temptation.


Dancers: Katie Chal and Ian Forsgren

Choreography: Mandie Reiber

Music: "So Close" by Olafur Arnolds and Arnor Dan

Video: Mandie Reiber





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