July 31, 2015

Pones, Inc. dancers Katie Chal and Ian Forsgren have been rehearsing a duet for Chapter One of T[HERE] for less than a week, but they decided to perform it at CVG Airport in northern Kentucky. "A Duet with My Demon" sparked no small number of stares - but one onlooker was so stunned when she exited the terminal to this spectacle that she froze in place and didn't move during the entire dance. When the duet was finished, the stranger hugged both the dancers and the choreographer, exclaiming about how deeply moved she was by the piece and about how much she had needed to see something beautiful to brighten her day. Chapter One may only be in the skeleton stages of production, but it's already making an impact in people's lives.


Dancers: Katie Chal and Ian Timothy Forsgren

Choreography: Mandie Reiber

Video: Mandie Reiber





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