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"DAMAGE brings pain, fear, sadness & at last victory. After experiencing such abuse for less than an hour, I find I look at people differently. I wonder how their experiences have affected them. I wonder how I can communicate with them without causing more pain. It's a...

INVISIBLE. This is a true story of an invisible girl. This story is for anyone who has ever felt invisible. 

Everyone wants to feel like they belong, but the reality is that not everyone does. INVISIBLE addresses teen depression, self-harm, and suicide through spok...

ANONYMOUS: unknown, faceless, unremarkable.

Everyone has a story - a story of tragedy, wonder, challenge, perseverance. The script for ANONYMOUS was devised from over a hundred anonymous letters written by citizens of Cincinnati, Ohio. Every piece of choreography, every...

THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT is a dance/theater piece created by Mandie Reiber. With text inspired by the life story of an old friend and dance movement developed in a collaborative rehearsal environment, DEVIL explores pressing issues of mental illness, self harm, and suic...

WHERE I COME FROM was filmed in an abandoned subway maze in Rochester, NY during Rochester Fringe Festival.

Poem written by Mandie Reiber and read by Carrington Rowe. Filmed by Mandie Reiber.

Video not working? Watch the film HERE.

A performance on a rooftop in Rochester, NY during Rochester Fringe Festival. Choreographed and performed by Mandie Reiber to "Happiness Does Not Wait" by Olafur Arnalds.

T[HERE] performed a reimagining of its original production at S.O.S. Art Festival at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Like the first iteration, T[HERE] derived its script from more than a hundred true, local stories collected from citizens of the underserved areas of dow...

T[HERE] began as a senior thesis project for Mandie Reiber, an illustration student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Rather than fill a gallery with paintings like her peers, Mandie aspired to write, choreograph, direct, and produce an hour-long multidisciplinary perf...

A rehearsal for a scene in Chapter One of T[HERE], which will debut in less than two weeks! Thank you to these wonderful ladies who collaborated to create a truly lovely sequence. Music written and performed by Hillary Hahn. Dance choreographed and performed by Kim Pop...

Take a peek behind the scenes of the T[HERE] project, and watch the production come to life. Filmed and edited by T[HERE]'s Creative Director Mandie Reiber; featuring Music Director Hillary Hahn and dancers Kim Popa and Ian Forsgren.

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